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Deborah Coates


Deborah Coates


Deborah Coates lives in Ames, Iowa and works for Iowa State University. Her short fiction has appeared in Asimov's and Strange Horizons, as well as Year's Best Fantasy 6, Best Paranormal Romance, and Best American Fantasy.

Deborah Coates

Books by Deborah Coates

by Deborah Coates - Fantasy, Fiction

Now that she has solved her sister's murder, Hallie Michaels has left the army and isn't sure what to do next. Her relationship with deputy Boyd Davies is tentative, there's still distance between her and her father, and she needs a job. The good news is, she hasn't seen a ghost in weeks. All that changes when she gets a call asking her to help an elderly neighbor who is being stalked by black dogs, creatures from the underworld that are harbingers of death.

by Deborah Coates

Ghosts haunt lonely country backroads and magic crackles across the sky in WIDE OPEN---the first novel in a chilling contemporary fantasy trilogy.